The HUD Challenge to Executive Compensation

Recently, HUD released compensation data from the 2013 Executive Compensation Survey, in which Public Housing Agencies (PHAs) were required to report salary information from their top 3 management officials and also document funds used for management above the $155,500 salary cap. HUD affirms that the purpose of the survey is to provide public transparency and […]

Attracting a New Generation

Logged in to all the social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) and slowly dominating the workforce, the newest generation of tech-savvy employees, who are 28 years old and younger, has been dubbed “Generation Y.” Employers face unique challenges and often need to take a new perspective on ways to manage and recruit members of […]

Do you have a Succession Plan?

According to a survey from Business and Legal Reports (BLR), only 25% of large organizations surveyed are making an effort to transfer knowledge from baby boomer retirees leaving the workforce to other, younger employees. Developing a formal succession plan has a two-fold benefit for employees facing a new wave of retiring employees. Not only does this […]

Management is Doing Things Right, but Leadership is Doing the Right Thing

The US economy presents enormous challenges that require us to closely examine how we can transform our organizations. Many have discovered that the old management solutions that stimulated change are outdated given today’s volatile work environment. To be successful, our business philosophies must change. That change starts with ensuring that those who guide the organization go […]

One-to-One Coaching for Performance

“Coaching” is the management style of a transformed culture. It is a popular buzzword in business circles, so much so that many organizations swear that they have employed the practice of “coaching” for years. However well-meaning these organizations may be, many of them don’t realize that “coaching” is a skill, or even an art form, […]