Our Clients

HCi partners with our clients on both short and long term engagements. Our consultants travel and we serve clients nationwide, both on-site and remotely, with our headquarters located in Washington, D.C.

We have been successful in developing long lasting relationships with our clients and often provide advisory services long after an initial project has been completed.

Our clients include:

  • Public agencies
  • Public housing authorities
  • Private-sector professional service firms, including IT and law firms
  • Not-for-profits

Cutting Edge Technology Firm Reduces Corporate Liability While Improving Employee Relations

One of HCi’s private sector clients is known for their highly innovative online user experience development services.

Like many IT firms, their progressive corporate culture and creative staff can pose certain human resource opportunities and challenges. They recognize that their employees are their most valuable resource. One of their main concerns was how to attract and retain the best employees and keep them happy and productive while still controlling costs.

HCi worked with the firm to create an innovative, yet systematic, compensation program, including many less-than-typical benefits and employee perks, resulting in higher retention and improved employee satisfaction. The firm also understood that due to their rapid growth, the human resources function had not yet been fully developed. HCi was selected as a partner to assist the firm in formalizing personnel policies, procedures, and rules as well as by providing day-to-day human resources support for their employees and management team.

Using our expertise in recruitment, employee relations, employment law, and training, HCi implemented new personnel policies and procedures, improved performance management systems, developed and conducted supervisory training programs, and spearheaded recruiting and benefit initiatives. HCi has provided first-class personnel services to this rapidly expanding company, while focusing on improving the company’s people strategy. Our services have significantly minimized the firm’s exposure to liability and risk and have helped them continue to provide unparalleled service to their customers.

Large Housing Authority Seeks HR Solutions

The country’s providers of affordable housing are facing difficult times. Federal funding cuts and asset-based management requirements have forced housing authorities to examine the way they do business.

Recognizing that human resources practices play an enormous role in the ability to adapt to the new realities of public housing, one of the largest housing authorities in the country asked HCi to undertake an extensive assessment of their human resources department and personnel policies and procedures.

We were asked to create a tactical action plan that would reduce costs, limit risk, and increase the quality of HR functions. Since the completion of the project, the housing authority has implemented HCi’s recommendations, introducing more efficient operating procedures, increasing their use of technology, and taking advantage of HR outsourcing to reduce liability, mitigate risks and cut costs.

Housing Authority Cuts Costs and Focuses on Employee Development

HCi has recently worked with a mid-sized housing authority to restructure their human resources department to increase efficiency and decrease agency-wide expenses. Within the HR department, HCi identified redundant processes, automated several routines, and realigned staff responsibilities to significantly reduce the department’s overhead costs. By developing new recruitment and performance management methods and by implementing improved technology to facilitate internal communication and operational processes, HCi was able to further reduce costs for the agency. HCi initiated a new approach to their employee coaching initiative to help the organization with developing internal talent and succession planning. Supporting and enhancing the abilities of their employees is saving the agency critical dollars through reduced spending on recruitment and training and decreasing lost efficiency due to turn-over.

Large Non-Profit Needs Help to Keep Helping Others

Like many organizations that depend on charitable donations, one of HCi’s clients found itself faced with extreme funding and staffing changes over the past few years. The organization recognized its need to streamline business processes and increase employee effectiveness. The organization began searching for a cost-conscious consulting firm that would not only restructure its HR department, but also serve as a partner with the executive management team, providing advice on management tactics that would create efficiency in other departments and support its long-term development goals. This 500 employee, not-for-profit agency hired HCi for an 18 month term to oversee the complete transformation of its HR department. The Chief Executive Officer and Board of Directors frequently turned to HCi for direction on restructuring other departments in the organization and to provide a succession plan for program managers. HCi, on a daily basis, provided support that assisted the organization with producing change that created stability and promoted the organization’s values and mission. Having completed the project ahead of schedule and within budget, our non-profit client is now poised to grow and continue supporting the needs of their consumers well into the future.

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