Management is Doing Things Right, but Leadership is Doing the Right Thing

The US economy presents enormous challenges that require us to closely examine how we can transform our organizations. Many have discovered that the old management solutions that stimulated change are outdated given today’s volatile work environment. To be successful, our business philosophies must change. That change starts with ensuring that those who guide the organization go about their jobs not just as managers, but as leaders.

While managers are often in a leadership role, they may not necessarily act as leaders. Think of “management” as “investment” in the sense that the manager strives to get the best return from all the resources at his/her disposal, including energy, talent and time. Great managers are like coaches of sports teams in that, by providing structure and measuring output, they inspire and develop people to achieve their best. Great leaders, on the other hand, are champions for change. They focus on relationships, teamwork, counseling and mentoring to deliver vision, direction, inspiration and motivation. Leaders may or may not manage people, but an inspiring leader always moves people to change direction.

Both strong leadership and management are key to shaping a team into a sustainable business advantage. Only effective leadership can motivate the actions needed to accomplish new achievements and long-term consequences by anchoring change to the very culture of the organization. Managing change is also extremely important, as competent management is required to keep change efforts on track. Thus, it is imperative that senior-level employees play the role of both manager and leader. A boss who cannot manage his or her resources will contribute to an organization’s demise just as quickly as one who does not develop staff and has no vision for the future of the organization.The individual who can do both is on the path to success.

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