Our Services

HCi excels in the development and implementation of human capital management processes; incorporating technology as needed, building consensus, and promoting buy-in from stakeholders at all levels of operations. We focus on providing tangible results and cost-effective solutions specifically tailored for each client we serve. Our consultants draw from a wide variety of private and public-sector experience to devise innovative problem-solving strategies. We value honesty and integrity and always put our clients’ needs first.

HCi understands there is more to improving processes through the use of technology than simply installing new software. We focus on long-term solutions by examining business processes and human capital resources before incorporating technology in order to maximize the effectiveness and fully capitalize the investment of any software or hardware implementation project. HCi works with clients to align processes to allow for more efficient use of technology.

But even more importantly, HCi concentrates on aligning people with the processes and technology. We map out changes to job descriptions and responsibilities. We develop and coordinate employee performance management, training and feedback strategies. We conduct organizational analysis and design interventions to promote behavior changes that will allow employees to mature into a highly productive work team.

HCi helps clients:

  • Maximize return on employee investment
  • Align employees, processes and technology to gain optimal business performance
  • Minimize exposure to employee-related liability and risk
  • Improve internal and external customer service

Our practice areas include:

  • Human Capital Investment
  • Technology and Operational System Review
  • Liability and Risk Management

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Listen to our Managing Principal in the Quadel Change Makers Podcast regarding some of our solutions for the affordable housing industry.

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