Human Capital Investment

Whether your organization is large or small, whether the economic climate is good or bad, investing wisely in your infrastructure is essential. HCi helps unlock the full potential of your staff members by providing the tools, strategies, and methods necessary to effectively and efficiently support your mission and goals. Our services include:

Strategic Planning

HCi assists clients in developing short and long-term strategic goals to ensure that your organization’s dollars are invested wisely. We then develop staffing, budgetary, and resource-allocation plans to help you meet these objectives.

Departmental Assessments

Within the public, private and non-profit sectors, HCi has assessed the operational, human capital and technological efficiencies of various administrative service departments, including IT, Finance, HR and Legal. HCi develops strategic and tactical action plans which incorporate new approaches to process and people management, eliminating process redundancy and overstaffing, to improve service to internal customers while simultaneously reducing administrative costs.

A regular, detailed audit of your HR function ensures compliance and optimal efficiency. HCi has extensive experience in HR functional assessments that help our clients better align their personnel policies with their overall strategic objectives.

Employee Assessments

HCi utilizes advanced assessment techniques to gauge an employee’s potential during recruitment, performance management, and succession planning initiatives in order to help clients achieve optimal results. By combining HCi’s extensive HR management experience with innovative employee assessment tools, clients save time and money by hiring and more effectively developing employees who “fit” within their organization.

Workforce and Succession Planning

HCi’s approach to workforce and succession planning is to develop a holistic, sustainable process of identifying and grooming qualified candidates for future openings, in coordination with an organization’s strategic goals and long-term plans. We employ a strategic and deliberate process of recruiting, training, retaining, promoting, and moving employees through an organization to develop talented successors for key leadership roles.

HCi can help you develop a succession planning system that aligns workforce strategies with your mission and goals and allows you to strategically anticipate and respond to workforce changes. We focus on building systems that are integrated, methodical and ongoing, and that identify the human capital necessary for meeting your long-term goals. We help identify mission-critical responsibilities and determine realistic staffing projections.

Each organization’s business challenges are different and HCi personalizes our service to the individual needs of each client.

Tasks associated with workforce and succession planning include:

  • Development of a detailed workforce profile
  • Job audits and the development of comprehensive, legally compliant job descriptions
  • Examination into functional efficiency and longstanding assumptions regarding the need for certain positions
  • Identifying technology that could reduce workload or change the nature of a particular function
  • Employee testing
  • Identification and analysis of vulnerable workforce segments
  • Development of back-up coverage plans, including functional procedural documentation or “desk guides”
  • Development of coaching, mentoring and training plans
  • Development of recruitment and retention plans

Oganizational Development and Change Management

HCi frequently helps clients manage significant organizational change, especially during times of financial challenges and restructuring. We help clients realign their human capital, processes and technology to achieve long-term success. HCi’s consultants are experts at analyzing organizational workflows considering personnel, processes and technical resources, identifying critically important change priorities (such as systemic problems or exciting efficiency enhancements) and then, as a partner with our client, undertaking successful and significant change to address those priorities.

Job Audits and Job Description Development

With detailed position audits, HCi highlights essential duties and competencies, as well as required education, experience, skills and qualifications. HCi creates updated job descriptions using specialized job-description software, classification standards and HR best practices in a simple and easy to maintain format. Updated job descriptions consider ADA and OSHA compliance and exempt vs. non-exempt status consistent with the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), while keeping performance management systems in mind.

Compensation Planning and Comparability Studies

Employee compensation is the single largest cost component of most operational budgets, especially in administrative service departments like IT or finance. HCi employs a holistic approach, examining employee skills and competencies, division of responsibilities, reporting structures and operational procedures, to assist an organization’s decision makers in the most judicious allocation of these high-value resources.

HCi conducts comprehensive reviews of all components affecting your compensation program: class descriptions, current compensation structure, your pay philosophy, regional-market competitiveness of salaries, the internal equity of salaries paid to comparable positions, fringe benefits and ongoing maintenance and administration of your compensation system. We have experience completing comparability studies for blue collar, professional, and c-level positions.

We help clients develop fair and equitable plans that promote retention of important personnel resources while simultaneously taking budget constraints into account. Our work includes performing a financial analysis of current and proposed compensation plans, and working with organizations to roll-out new compensation initiatives.

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