Liability & Risk Management

A variety of factors affect an organization’s exposure to Employment Practices Liability (EPL) risk. HCi can assist you in identifying these factors, and in evaluating and implementing EPL risk management strategies and techniques.

Federal and State Employment Law Compliance

With the dramatic increase in the number and complexity of employment laws, organizations must consistently evaluate whether internal processes comply with changes in federal, state and local law. HCi will conduct a critical review of your organization’s human resources function, and provide leadership, guidance and training to help you minimize risk in our litigious society.

HR Policy Development

HCi has proven expertise designing employment policies that are not only compliant with the myriad of federal employment laws, industry regulations, local ordinances and other potential hot-button issues. Working collaboratively with your organization, HCi will assess current processes and challenges to determine if procedures accurately reflect current practice and to ensure that safety measures are consistent with your organization’s specific management philosophy, culture and structure.

HR Policy Manual Audits

If you already have a comprehensive employee policy manual, HCi will evaluate current policies for legal compliance and consistency with HR best practices. We will strengthen and revitalize existing policies and develop new ones that promote success for your organization.

Business Continuity Planning

HCi can help your organization create a master plan to ensure that critical functions can resume operations quickly following a significant ‘business interruption event.’ A business continuity plan will help all personnel understand their role following a crisis, what needs to be done, what the priorities for the organization are, and how to communicate during and following an event that impedes traditional communication channels.

Personnel File Audits and Development of Recordkeeping Systems

Keeping accurate employment records not only helps your organization manage the human resources function more efficiently – it helps to justify your human resources actions and to prove compliance with government regulations. HCi will assess your current recordkeeping system, design and implement a new file structure plan, coordinate your file transfer and write policies to help your staff maintain the new system. Additionally, HCi will train your staff on file retention, storage and security, and monitor the system for quality assurance once the plan is implemented.

Union Negotiations

Your success during union negotiations depends on preparation, forward thinking and open communication. Therefore, once determining what will be at stake at the bargaining table, HCi will assess your organization’s programs and processes for compensation, benefits, performance management, grievance and working conditions to ensure they are consistent with collective bargaining agreements. We will help you design and cost new programs and structure counter-offers, as necessary, which will offer strategic advantage to management. The result? Improved relations and productivity!

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